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Terra Creta on-line traceability tree

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Dear visitor,

Since 2006, aiming in provide total transparency and maximum information, we have developed a world’s first on-line “traceability tree” for olive oil.  

We offer the ability to trace our olive oil products and retrieve important information for the origin, the quality and authenticity, though a six-digit LOT no*. that is printed on each product (*found on the label, the bottle neck or on the top of the tins). 

Enter the 6-digit LOT number printed on the Terra Creta Extra Virgin Olive Oil you have
(for products before 2018, LOT was a 5-digit number)
  • Extra Virgin olive oil products products are fully traceable, however only those with a certificate of origin (PDO or PGI ) and our Premium range, show details of the farmers and olive groves.
  • Each LOT no. is available for traceability within 20 days from bottling.
  • On some stages of our traceability system, codes instead of names are used due to the Protection of Personal Data. These data are kept in our company and are available for any legal use.
  • In case of further clarifications or traceability issues, please contact us here.
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