Grand Cru Koroneiki EVOO , awarded 1st at Mario Solinas 2021

Terra Creta

1st position at Mario Solinas 2021 awards!

(in the mild green fruitiness category)

                Terra Creta Grand Cru Koroneiki EVOO scored in the highest position, ever attained by a  Greek olive oil since 2008 in Mario Solinas.

           Mario Solinas competition is organized by the International Olive Council (IOC) and is the most prestigious international olive oil competition.

            The competition includes a strict procedure of sampling a specific batch of olive oil, followed by sealing the tank, which is certified by a notary. The samples are evaluated organoleptically by a group of expert judges of the International Olive Council. As a result, it isregarded as one of the most              demanding and strict olive oil competitions.

             Terra Creta approaches the pr oduct holistically by cooperating with farmers’ teams under the supervision of our agronomist, while at the same time operating a pioneering oil mill and a modern standardization unit of high capacity. Its philosophy is based on the production of high nutritional value    produced under sustainable practices.