High Phenolic content recognition

Terra Creta PDO Kolymvari Extra Virgin Olive  OIl, was analyzed for the Total Phenolic content , during ARISTOLEO competition, and  was found to be above 500 mg/kgr
 So not only authentic and natural, but very healthy as well.


Consumers seek fresh, natural and minimally processed foods. Beneficial ingredients that help fight disease and promote good health.

Aristoleo® Awards is stepping into the international arena with its 2017 “Tasted, Tested and True” International Olive Oil Competition for highest phenolic EVOO taking place in Cyprus in March 2017.  What makes this competition unique is it will categorize oils according to olive varietals, which cross all borders. Olive oil will be first analyzed by using the Aristoleo Test Kit in conjunction with the Aristometer™ our latest product, a handheld spectrometer. Oleocnathakl and total phenolic concentration will be analyzed by NMR. This is truly a unique competition that promotes what the Aristoleo Awards stand for; “Tasted, Tested and True™” (text from http://aristoleo.com/aristoleo-awards/ )