Salmon á la Safkas from Finland

written by Ms Sikke Sumari from Finland, (for more in Finish language )

I read the Cookbook Safkaa and found an interesting salmon recipe.

For change something else than the fatty salmon with cream sauce.

From the shop Anton & Anton I found a nice piece of fresh salmon and organic lemon, and in my kitchen cabinet I had a bottle of olive oil that I had brought home from my visit to Crete.  I put a good quantity of olive oil on a oven casserole covered with foil.
Then I spiced the salmon with some coarse sea salt and black pepper  as well as a bit of rosemary and lemon.
On top of all I added some tiny pieces of butter.
Then I put the salmon to oven, which was heated up to maximum temperature and grill function on.
I let the fish cook for 6 minutes.

Finally opened the oven and kept the oven door ajar whilst I put the salmon at the lowest  shelf for 10 minutes. Perfetto! Just to the plate and Nam - Delicious!