Support Terra Creta to Become the “National Public Champion”

Terra Creta from Greece will compete for the title of ‘National Public Champion’ in this year’s European Business Awards, sponsored by RSM International, as the public vote opens for the first time.

Please visit the following link for voting Terra Creta and watch the video entry

 The company, already named as one of the national champions in the internally judged part of the competition, has submitted a video of its company online, giving an in-depth story of their business and its successes. It will now compete against all other country national champions for the public vote. The company with the most votes will be named ‘National Public Champion’ for Greece on 14th January.

This first phase of the online voting is open from 11th November to 2nd January, giving Terra Creta 7 weeks to get as many votes as possible. 

For more information on the European Business Awards, please visit

About the Public Vote

There are 2 stages of achievement as a result of public voting:
1. National Public Champion
2. European Public Champion

Public Voting Stage 1: National Public Champion selection

The first phase of online voting allows the public to vote for their favorite National Champion and the business that receives the highest number of votes in their country will be announced as ‘National Public Champion’. There will be one National Public Champion per country (up to a maximum of 31).
Public Voting Stage 2: European Public Champion selection (will follow later)

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