Capraccio of beef with parmezan cheesε and olive oil (Belgium)


Terra Creta extra virgin olive oil
150 gr beef ( which can be sliced finely )
Squized juice from a half lime
Pepper, salt, a few grams of grinded coriander
Small piece of finely sliced garlic
25 gr of saur apple sliced in cubes
10 gr onion sliced in cubes
8 pieces of cherry tomatos sliced in 4 equal pieces
10 gr of rocket salad
25 gr parmesan cheese roughly crumbled


- Rubb the plate with Terra Creta Olive oil
- Slice the beef in equal slices of length and thickness
- Sprinkle the herbs on the beef ( pepper, salt, coriander and the garlic )
- Sprinkle the carpaccio with the juice of the half lime
- Let it rest for about 4 minutes
- Sprinkle the plate generous with Terra Creta olive oil
- Garnish with the rocket salad, cherry tomatos, the sour apple and finish off with the parmesan cheese

Prepare this recipe with Greek passion and love and respect for the products

Special thanks to mr Bernard Patrouill from the Restaurant Edwart, Driftweg 4 - 8420 De Haan