The new and inovvative olive oil mill of Terra Creta

Terra Creta 's Olive Oil mill sets new standards in common extraction and quality of the olive oil.


•  Olive oil factory that incorporates all the modern technology in order to be able to produce the safest and more natural product in total controlled conditions
•  High capacity and carefully designed / selected machinery, is able to produce about 2000 olive oil kilos per hour.
•  We apply advanced common extraction procedurew with quality seperations of the olives upon receiving.
•  Totally controled malaxation temperatures
•  Two phase decantation (without adding any water)
•  Absolute separation of the organic cultivation olives and olive oil that is produced
•  Enviromenatl friendly facilities for keep enviroment intact and use of every one of  the subproducts ( water, leaves and pits).
•  Certified under ISO 22000/2005, HACCP, BIOHELLAS for organic olive oil