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Ioannou Yannis

“I’m trying to adhere to everything they’re telling us. I never miss a class or meeting, and it has been a great help. We put in a lot of personal effort this year and had great results.”

Yannis Ioannou came to Greece from Cyprus in 1975 and moved to Crete in 1985, where his wife’s family had owned hundreds of olive trees for generations. He began his work as an olive farmer then, planting another 400 Koroneiki trees himself. He has a vague, dreamlike memory of donkeys and an old olive oil factory in his childhood village in Cyprus.

Yannis is so impressed with Terra Creta’s program for its select team of farmers that he thinks he’d join it even if he were 80 years old. “We all think we know everything; we know nothing.” Previously, he says he “began watering too late” to save money on his water bill, but that ended up hurting his trees. Now he’s learned that irrigation must start in the spring in his groves, rather than August, for a good yield the next year. He says he made many mistakes in the past, “but I’ve learned in the last two years I was wrong, and this year I see the results of this change. This year was my best year in olive farming,” after 31 years. 

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