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Gialitaki Chrysi

 “Life without olive trees is not life. Whatever we do is connected to the olives. Among the olive trees, we grow our vegetables. With olive branches, we cook, bake bread. This is life.”

Gialitaki Chrysi has been an olive farmer for 30 years. As long as she remembers, she has lived in her village, surrounded by olive trees. In an early memory, as she said "I was a very small child on a donkey, with baskets of olives on my left and right,” heading toward the olive mill. That was a big stone mill in the central square at the heart of the village of Vouves, a mill run by one of the first motors in the area. There she joined other children, with olives in one hand and bread in the other, to await the first fresh olive oil that would flow out of the pipes onto their bread.

Chrysi says she’s never had any other type of oil in her life. Her family of five, plus their dog, who also eats bread with olive oil, needs 150 kilograms of olive oil to get through each year. So it’s important for her to work with Terra Creta “to learn more, to know how to cultivate more reasonably and correctly.” Sustainability means a lot to her. “I can’t work differently. It’s a matter of life for me. It means the regeneration of nature, cultivation with continuity that doesn’t destroy, with continuity that rejuvenates instead of going backward.” For this reason, most of her farming is organic.
She likes Terra Creta because here, “more professional work is done” than at some other olive mills she has seen. Three things impress her at Terra Creta: 1) cleanliness – which is very important to her; 2) correct cultivation practices; and 3) speed: same day extraction.

Location of olive groves - Kolymvari / Chania

Age of olive trees - 30 to  900 years

Olive tree variety - Koroneiki

Harvesting method - handpicked

Harvesting period - October to January

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