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Karpadakis Spyros

“The level of organization and support from the company, especially for organic farmers, is unprecedented in Greece. I wish all producers had this much support.”

Spyros Karpadakis, president of the cultural association in his village, Panethimos, claims that he has been an olive farmer “from the cradle,” although he also admits to some time spent playing in the hollow trunk of an ancient olive tree that served as a playhouse during his childhood. Some of his 1600 olive trees are more than 1000 years old, while others are much younger, planted by him and his father. His whole village works with olives, an essential part of their tradition and culture. “We live for this. This we learned. I breathe olives.” 

Spyros remembers that during his childhood his mother would warm up slices of homemade bread on their wood burning stove, and they would eat it as a snack with olive oil, salt, and lemon. Even now, he says, “at our house we don’t use any other fat” aside from olive oil. In the past, “we didn’t know if it was good for our health, but we had it, so we used it. We later learned it was also good for our health, and that’s why we recommend it now, even in baked goods and sweets.”

Spyros wants to engage in sustainable agriculture so the next generation will be able to continue olive farming. After joining Terra Creta’s select team of farmers--one of the best things that happened to him in recent years, he says--“we learned things we never imagined, and not just theoretically, but also practically, in the field with the supervising agronomist” who provides specific advice on pruning, fertilizing, and pest control. In the past, Spyros had gone to other mills which lacked Terra Creta’s high standards for hygiene and milling practices (such as avoidance of heat and plastic, and prompt extraction). He notices that the olive oil quality and quantity are much higher at Terra Creta.

Location of olive groves - Panethimos / Kolymvari

Age of olive trees - 45 to 1600 years

Olive tree variety - Koroneiki

Harvesting method - handpicked

Harvesting period - October to January

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