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Balsamic cream (glaze) from grapes


Non-Organic balsamic cream from grapes, in squizzable bottle

Made from balsamic vinegar by combining concentrated grape must and aged balsamic vinegar.

With smooth "sweet and sour" character, can be used for marinading meat or fish, BBQ, seasoning salads or vegetables and for plates decoration.

The ideal accessory of every chef!


Available in plastic squizzble bottle of 250 ml.


ORGANIC (BIO) BALSAMIC Cream (glaze) from Cretan varieties of grapes

• Produced from local Cretan varieties of grapes
o Red Organic balsamic from Romeiko and kotsifali varieties  
o White Organic balsamic from Vilana, Vidiano, Moschato and Sultanin varieties 

• With one single ingredient which is juice of grapes
o NO preservatives
o NO colors
o NO caramel
o NO sugar
o NO sulfites

• Concentrated in low temperature for retain the natural character and their healthy ingredients (Antioxidants, Mg, Potassium etc)

• Certified 100% organic by BIOHELLAS

100% natural, 100% Organic, 100% Cretan


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