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02/05/2009 Terra Creta in IF.D.T.EX 2009 in Athens
Our company had a succesfull participation in the 22nd International Food - Drink - Technology Exhibition in Athens (Metropolitan Center), 5 - 9 of February 2009.


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04/02/2009 New Gold Prize for Terra Creta 's Extra Virgin Olive Oil
In the recent international Olive Oil tasting in France from the "’Agence pour la Valorisation des Produits Agricoles - AVPA" (Organization for the Valorization of the Agricultural products), Terra Creta 's PDO Kolymvari Extra Virgin Olive Oil took the higher degree among the other olive oils  and was awarded with the GOLD metal in the category "Huile d' Olive fruitee'" (fruitty taste Extra Virgin Olive Oil).  The tasting took place on 26 March 2009, in Paris.
18/11/2008 Terra Creta's Treaceability Tree on a radio broadcast

Our innovative Traceability Tree became even more famous after a broadcast in the MNB radio of BOSTON.

This is due to the high demand from the USA consumers for transparency and safety in the food chain.

The full broadcast in text is here under:

 >>>  Hi, I’m Kevin Coupe and this is MorningNewsBeat Radio, brought to you by Webstop, your first stop for retail website design services.

 There is a lot of talk in the industry about appropriate levels of transparency, and how much information the shopper needs, wants and should have access to. My general feeling is that we should just make everything and anything available to shoppers – they’re probably going to find out anyway, thanks to the communications technologies that not only make such transparency possible, but inevitable.

 An MNB user wrote in recently about a kind of model that he saw for optimum transparency, and I’m so impressed with the product and the process that I want to recommend that you check it out.

 The company is called Terra Creta, and it specializes in traceable estate olive oil from Greece. I have a bottle in front of me of Extra Virgin Olive Oil that tastes wonderful – great when drizzled over a slice of tomato and mozzarella cheese, or just when eaten with a hunk of crusty bread.

 But I’m actually more impressed with what is on the back of the bottle, as opposed to what is in side the bottle.

Every bottle of Terra Creta has a lot number, and you can go on the Internet – either from a home computer, or from a handheld carried into the store itself – and see what the company calls the product’s traceability tree. I can almost instantly get information about the packaging, the expiration date, and can get information about the various inspections the product has gone through. I can find out when and where it was produced and bottled, and I can the results of all the lab tests performed on the olive oil. I can even see a map of the specific field where the olive oil came from and watch a video of the process.

 In short, it is utterly, completely transparent. No secrets here.

 And it is very cool.

 If you want to see for yourself, go to, and use my lot number: 21368. I think you’ll be impressed.

 This is the model for 21st century transparency. Technology actually makes it fairly easy – it is a matter of will, not ability.

 And in the end, I believe, customers will judge us on how transparent we are about all of our products and services, and how willing we are to open the knowledge circle so that every step of the supply chain is available for inspection and inquiry.

 Will it be easy? Of course not. Will it be counter-intuitive for an industry that often has taken a 9 Cfather knows best” approach to communicating with consumers? Sure…but if anything, that is why it is a goal worth pursuing.

 For MNB Radio, I’m Kevin Coupe.

05/10/2008 2008
16/09/2008 Our spray's now available also with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Terra Creta's  well known spray product' s family are having a new member from today.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also available in spray bottle, 100 ml and 250 ml.

This Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is certified and produced exclusively in the Kolymvari Region of Crete (West side) and combines the strong and  fruity taste with the healthy and nutricious benefits.

Healthy, Convinient, Practical, Tasty

08/06/2008 Terra Creta Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Estate PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The demanding olive oil consumers around the world are familiar with the quality of Terra Creta’s products and this is confirmed every year by the various International and Greek awards and distinctions of our qualitative olive oil products.

 Terra Creta aiming always in offering the best possible product has a surprise again.

After months of research and continuous efforts Terra Creta is ready to offer a new range of its Extra Virgin Olive Oil from its own Estate to the demanding olive oil market. This is a new range of a significant higher quality level, produced from our own Estate by controlling all the steps of the product from farming and harvesting to the extraction and bottling.

 The multicultural US market has been chosen as the first place for the launch of the new Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil line during a special food show in August 2008.


Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil in glass spray bottle

15/05/2008 More awards for "PDO Kolymvari" of Terra Creta SA
From 15-17 May 2008, in Sanghai, took place the special olive oil exhibition "4th Oil China". During an olive oil tasting (from international specialists with test panel leader Mr. Gino Celletti from Italy) Terracreta's "PDO Kolymvari" Extra Virgin Olive Oil was awarded with the silver medal in medium fruitness category. 



01/05/2008 "Oh!live" and "Balsamicoh!" among the TOP products for 2007
The recognized and specialized Greek Magazine "Trofima kai Pota" (Foods and Drinks) has listed our inovvative products "Oh!live" (Extra Virgin Olive Oil in spray bottle) and "Balsamicoh!" (Balsamic vinegar from Crete in spray bottle)
among the TOP products for year 2007.
16/04/2008 Terracreta uses Skype

Now you can contact our company "live" from your computer using "Skype" program (from 7:00 to 15:00 GMT time)

Fast , easy and cheap, just open "Skype" and use our Skype name : terracreta

If you don't have "Skype" program, just download it from here  (windows version)

15/03/2008 TERRA CRETA SA in "OIL CHINA 2008"
The 4th Oil China 2008 Olive & Edible oil fail has closed it's gates on 27th of May. Our participation was very succesfull in this promising market and we proudly left China with a silver medal for Terracreta's  "PDO Kolymvari".
28/02/2008 TERRA CRETA SA in GULFOOD 2008
Huge interesting in our company and products, in Gulfood 2008 in Dubai. This exhibition is one of the biggest of its kind in the Gulf region, and took place from 24 to 27 February 2008.
14/02/2008 TERRACRETA SA in FOODS and DRINKS International exhibition in Athens
Our company participates dynamically in the 21st International Exhibition FOODS and DRINKS in Athens (EXPO ATHENS center) from 14-18 February 2008.
It will be our pleasure to meet you there at Hall 4, stand 470.
06/11/2007 Kerasma 2007

Participation in HEPO event, "Kerasma 2007".

"Kerasma 2007" took place in Heraklion, Crete from 8 until 10  of June 2007 and was one of the bigest, ever organised in Greece, event in food and drink sector.

About 230 delegates — food, olive oil and wine traders, chefs, sommeliers, and journalists — from 15 countries such as the US, Canada, France, Australia, Japan, India, China, and so on, participated in the three-day conference organised by HEPO (Hellenic Foreign Trade Board), which included an exhibition showcasing the best of Greek products such as cheeses, olives, olive oil, wine and spirits.



18/10/2007 Terra Creta in ANUGA 2007

Our participation in ANUGA 2007 was very successful.

There was a huge interest for our products because of their high quality and traceability.

14/07/2007 New, innovative products

Extra Virgin Olive Oil in spray


Balsamic vinegar of Crete in spray

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