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30/04/2020 Triple BEST of CLASS awards for Terra Creta EVOO in EVOOLEUM 2020
BEST Greek and WORLD-BEST Koroneiki variety olive oil for Terra Creta Grand Cru Extra Virgin Olive Oil, in the recent EVOOLEUM competition in Spain and
BEST GREEK PDO EVOO for Terra Creta PDO Kolymvari EVOO
Both products are listed in the EVOOLEUM TOP 100 olive oil quide for 2021

30/04/2020 Best of Greece for Terra Creta Grand Cru in ZURICH 2020
BEST of GREECE for Terra Creta Grand Cru Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a valuable listing in the world's Best of the Best olive oils / OLIVE OIL AWARDS ZURICH 2020 competition

30/03/2020 Best Greek Organic EVOO in Biofach/Germany
Terra Creta Organic EVOO TOP awarded in Biofach/Germany

We are proud to receive two important awards for tasting profile and consumer's preference, in BIOFACH 2020 / Germany.  TOP 10 award and a recognition for Terra Creta Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil along with the Best Greek Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the fair.  


Read more in the Greek City Times  



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24/03/2020 TERRA CRETA statement on COVID-19
TERRA CRETA with social responsibility towards our customers, employees & visitors and in compliance with the relevant instructions by the state authorities to limit the likelihood of transmission of COVID-19, temporarily suspends the Olive Oil Experience tours, visits and all related activities, until further notice.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and we'll inform you for possible status change.

#convid19, #staysafe #stayhealthy 
07/01/2020 Documentary film on the olive tree cultivation and olive oil production n Crete by GALILEO!
A great coverage from GALILEO about the particularities of Cretan Olive Oil production and Terra Creta hard work towards quality, sustainability and farmer;s support!!!

Great work #Galileo , thank you for sharing the hard work behind each #extraordinary #terracreta #extravirgin #oliveoil

Original text
Welche Arbeit steckt hinter Olivenöl? Unser #Galileo-Reporter hilft auf Kreta bei der Ernte mit und stellt fest, mit welcher Mühe sie verbunden ist.

What is the work behind olive oil?

Our #Galileo reporter helps with the harvest in Crete and determines the effort involved

07/01/2020 Terra Creta Crand Cru, the best Greek olive oil for 2019

We are honored to receive the“Olive Oil Production Award of the year 2019”  

for our Grand Cru Extra Virgin Olive Oil, by the Greek magazine “GASTRONOMOS”.

After many awards, each one has a valued place in our heart.

However, this specific award comes from a sophisticated publication in our homeland. It’s vital to be awarded in your own country. A country with excellency in extra virgin olive oil. It’s a privilege to be awarded among the best. It’s an honor to be awarded by Gastronomos.

Thank you Gastronomos! Thank you Crete for your generosity in quality origin!

The awarding ceremony took place in Athens where present was also some of the highly skilled farmers we work with.

The video of the awarding ceremony is available here (greek language)

Terra Creta Grand Cru EVOO, The best Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil for 2019.

27/02/2019 Terra Creta recognised in BIOFACH / GERMANY

Terra Creta Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil was recognized as one of the best Organic EVOO participating in BIOFACH / Germany, in February 2019.

The recognition came through the special tasting evaluation "Experience the world of Olive Oil"




06/12/2018 Terra Creta in Japan
Terra Creta is happy to announce the start of cooperation with our new partners in Japan 

Terra Creta is happy to announce the start of cooperation with Mr. Katayama Toshiya,
representing as General Agent and Mr. Abiru Shigeki, serving as Chief Consultant of Terra Creta in Japan! 

09/08/2018 Terra Creta 42 premium blend EVOO triple awarded

Terra Creta premium blend "42"received TOP distinctions for 2018 as below

> GOLD in Terraolivo IOOC, in Israel

> SILVER in New York International Olive Oil competition (NYIOOC / USA)

> Selected for SIAL/Paris  INNOVATION 2018 f or it's  unique quality character



04/05/2018 Terra Creta Olive Mill awarded twice

Terra Creta’s modern olive mill, received two SILVER awards in a special ceremony organized by SEDIK.

 On for the transparency and the efficiency of operation, and another one for the carefully developed distribution practices in the global market
17/12/2017 Two awards in MADE IN GREECE ceremony


Terra Creta double awarded in Made in Greece wards, organized by the Greek Academy of Marketing in Athens.

FIRST AWARD in the category Agricultural Product Excellence and an important distinction for the category Exports Excellence of Agricultural Products.

04/06/2017 Terra Creta triple awarded in Domina 2017/Italy


Gold and Best of Crete for Terra Creta organic Extra Virgin and

Silver award for Terra Creta Estate Extra virgin Olive Oil, in Domina D-IOOC, Palermo/Italy !!!!!



15/04/2017 GOLD award for Terra Creta Extra Virgin olive oil
In the recent ATHENA IOOC 2017, Terra Creta Extra Virgin Olive OIl was awarded GOLD and got the higher score among all Cretan olive oil participants. A great recognition for the superior and natural taste of our Extra Virgin.
15/04/2017 Terra Creta Organic (BIO) awarded in Italy
In the BIOL2017 competition, in Italy, Terra Creta Organic (BIO) olive oil, was awarded Silver, a great recognition for a monovarietal Olive OIl.
15/04/2017 High Phenolic content recognition
Terra Creta PDO Kolymvari Extra Virgin Olive  OIl, was analyzed for the Total Phenolic content , during ARISTOLEO competition, and  was found to be above 500 mg/kgr
 So not only authentic and natural, but very healthy as well.


Consumers seek fresh, natural and minimally processed foods. Beneficial ingredients that help fight disease and promote good health.

Aristoleo® Awards is stepping into the international arena with its 2017 “Tasted, Tested and True” International Olive Oil Competition for highest phenolic EVOO taking place in Cyprus in March 2017.  What makes this competition unique is it will categorize oils according to olive varietals, which cross all borders. Olive oil will be first analyzed by using the Aristoleo Test Kit in conjunction with the Aristometer™ our latest product, a handheld spectrometer. Oleocnathakl and total phenolic concentration will be analyzed by NMR. This is truly a unique competition that promotes what the Aristoleo Awards stand for; “Tasted, Tested and True™” (text from )


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