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Triandafillos Kouras

Triandafillos Kouras has been an olive farmer for 25 years, but his work with olive trees began even earlier than that. When he was five years old in Halkidiki, northern Greece, where seven generations of his family had cultivated olive trees, his father and uncles gave him the axes to sharpen before they pruned the trees. He explained, “I was the official sharpener of the pruning shears and axes and saws. It was not dangerous since I was trained.” With hundreds of olive trees and tons of olive oil, his family needed help. Triandafillos remembers his mother filling glass bottles with oil taken from their five or six giant clay pots in the basement. Each clay pot held 500 kilograms of olive oil.

Now he says, “I love olive trees because the olive tree shows what it needs, and if you feed them well, give them anything they want, they show gratitude and satisfaction.” He believes producers should understand that “their product is gold” and take good care of it. He is glad to work with Terra Creta, since the company helps farmers do that: “the procedures here are different because they have high standards” of cleanliness and quality. He is pleased to be part of the team of farmers since he feels “satisfaction about the quality of the product” that results from careful cultivation, harvesting, and extraction processes.

Quotation to highlight: “Olive oil is the best oil worldwide. I have not read anything else; I have not heard anything else.”

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