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Terra Creta Farmer's project - Sustainability EVOO


Aiming for the best olive oil, the best for the natural environment, and the best for the farmers it works with, Terra Creta has developed an innovative pilot project for a carefully selected team of fifteen open-minded, dedicated farmers who cultivate and harvest the olives for Terra Creta’s olive oil.

Terra Creta supports its farmers with free equipment, coordinated supply orders for better prices for the farmers, and higher pay for superior olive oil. The main focus of the program, however, is education, which will help farmers make the right decisions about what their trees need.

The farmers’ teacher and supervising agronomist is the internationally recognized olive tree expert Yannis Medzidakis. Dr. Medzidakis leads seminars for the farmers on pruning, fertilizing, irrigation, protection from insects and diseases, and harvesting, as well as overseeing each of those activities in the olive groves managed by this team of farmers—a total of 33,285 olive trees.
Several farmers on the team recently shared their thoughts about the program, their work with olive trees, and the importance of olive oil in their families’ lives. As Terra Creta’s Markos Polakis points out, “Olive groves have always been intertwined with the fortunes and lives of the people of Crete. These people are pioneers who managed to change the traditional ways of their fathers and grandfathers,” to improve their methods in order to produce better olive oil.
The result of this collective effort is the Terra Creta Sustainability Program,  which encompasses environmentally friendly planning, certified scientific cultivation practices, and an ethical way of trading olive oil. This is a unique program that aims to set the benchmark for the future.       

Meet some of our Farmers   

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