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04/06/2017 Terra Creta triple awarded in Domina 2017/Italy


Gold and Best of Crete for Terra Creta organic Extra Virgin and

Silver award for Terra Creta Estate Extra virgin Olive Oil, in Domina D-IOOC, Palermo/Italy !!!!!



15/04/2017 GOLD award for Terra Creta Extra Virgin olive oil
In the recent ATHENA IOOC 2017, Terra Creta Extra Virgin Olive OIl was awarded GOLD and got the higher score among all Cretan olive oil participants. A great recognition for the superior and natural taste of our Extra Virgin.
15/04/2017 Terra Creta Organic (BIO) awarded in Italy
In the BIOL2017 competition, in Italy, Terra Creta Organic (BIO) olive oil, was awarded Silver, a great recognition for a monovarietal Olive OIl.
15/04/2017 High Phenolic content recognition
Terra Creta PDO Kolymvari Extra Virgin Olive  OIl, was analyzed for the Total Phenolic content , during ARISTOLEO competition, and  was found to be above 500 mg/kgr
 So not only authentic and natural, but very healthy as well.


Consumers seek fresh, natural and minimally processed foods. Beneficial ingredients that help fight disease and promote good health.

Aristoleo® Awards is stepping into the international arena with its 2017 “Tasted, Tested and True” International Olive Oil Competition for highest phenolic EVOO taking place in Cyprus in March 2017.  What makes this competition unique is it will categorize oils according to olive varietals, which cross all borders. Olive oil will be first analyzed by using the Aristoleo Test Kit in conjunction with the Aristometer™ our latest product, a handheld spectrometer. Oleocnathakl and total phenolic concentration will be analyzed by NMR. This is truly a unique competition that promotes what the Aristoleo Awards stand for; “Tasted, Tested and True™” (text from )


09/01/2017 Weather station and webcam of Terra Creta are online
In collaboration with National Observation of Athens , Terra Creta's weather station and webcam, now is part of the national weather stations network. A great support for both our farmers and National weather forecast system.

Both are available here 

29/11/2016 Terra Creta olive mill, receives GOLD and GREEN awards

Following the awarding ceremony of previous Saturday in Chania, for the Cretan Olive Mills competition, we are proud to announce that Terra Creta have received two awards.

"Gold Minoan Elea" for the Olive Mill operation and extraction methods, and

"Green Minoan Elea", for the Olive Oil bottling and distribution practices. 

You may read more here (greek language).…/



08/11/2016 Terra Creta, selected for EU-GATEWAY to Korea

Proud to be selected among many European companies, for participate in the EU-GATEWAY mission to Korea

Between 30 of October to 4th of November, EU certified quality organic products was presented during SEOUL Food week, in COEX/SEOUL

18/08/2016 Article about Terra Creta’s Innovation, Dedication, Education, and Excellence
18/08/2016 Terra Creta was invited as key speaker in the Tunisian Olive Oil conference

On Wednesday 13 July, the Tunisian National Office for Olive Oil had organized a side-event entitled “Regards croisés sur l'oléiculture mondiale” (Perspectives on the Global Olive Industry).

Terra Creta was invited as a key speaker, to present its perspective on olive oil industry and sector's dynamism  

Please read more here 

and here


13/08/2016 Terra Creta tours and seminars, awarded as “Unique Tour Operator of the Year” for Crete

Terra Creta olive oil tours and seminars, received the Award “Unique Tour Operator of the Year” for Crete by LTG (Luxury Travel Guide)


13/08/2016 Terra Creta receives four GOLD awards in Terraolivo

>  Terra Creta Organic EVOO, received GOLD award in Terraolivo / Israel
>  Terra Creta EVOO Flavored with Basil received GOLD and BEST of CRETE awards
>  Terra Creta EVOO Flavored with lemon received GOLD award
>  Terra Creta EVOO Flavored with chili pepper received GOLD award 



13/08/2016 EARLY HARVEST multi-awarded GOLD in OLYMP - AWARDS

EARLY HARVEST received GOLD for Quality, Bronze for design and in the TOP 20 for both,  in OLYMP - AWARDS - Athens

13/08/2016 PDO Kolymvari EVOO, awarded SILVER in DOMINA IOOC - Italy

PDO Kolymvari EVOO, received a Silver award in DOMINA IOOC - 2016 - Italy

13/08/2016 PDO Kolymvari EVOO, received a Silver award in ATHENA IOOC

Terra Creta PDO Kolymvari EVOO, received a Silver award in ATHENA IOOC- Greece


13/08/2016 Platinum 0.2, awarded GOLD, in 1001Degustation

Terra Creta Platinum 0.2 , ultra low acidity Extra Virgin Olive OIl , receives a GOLD Award in France/ 1001 Degustation.




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